• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland

  • This procedure applies to people who claim to have Polish citizenship but have never received a Polish passport or their Polish passport expired a long time ago. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland kindly advises that prior to the issuance of Polish passport, the procedure of confirmation of the Polish citizenship is to be investigated.


    The following documents are required in the process:


    1. An application to Wojewoda (in Polish);


    2. Polish birth certificate (New Zealand document should be accompanied by Apostille), go to: Registration of foreign vital records in Poland;


    3. Polish marriage certificate (if applicable; New Zealand document should be accompanied by Apostille), go to: Registration of foreign vital records in Poland;


    4. Valid New Zealand passport or another ID;


    5. The act of naturalization of the applicant, his/her parents or grandparents, whichever applicable (New Zealand document should be Apostilled);


    6. Travel document (the applicant's or his/her parents) on basis of which he/she left Poland;


    7. Certificate stating change of the first and/or last name(s) issued by respective authority (if applicable);


    8. Any Polish documents (e.g. invalid Polish ID's of the applicant or his/her parents, etc.);


    9. Consular fee payable by cash or bank cheque (go to Consular fees );



    For a person born outside Poland and never residing in Poland - the following documents are additionally required:


    10. Marriage certificate of applicant's parents;


    11. Document stating that at least one of applicant's parents holds Polish citizenship.




    Application form needs to be filled out in Polish.

    All the remaining English language documents must be accompanied by their certified translations into Polish. Only original documents are to be submitted to the Embassy for certification, as the authorities in Poland do not accept copies of the documents certified by Justice of Peace.


    In order to initiate the procedure, the Embassy must receive a full set of documents (as listed above) from the applicant.

    As the Polish citizenship confirmation procedure is carried out by respective authorities in Poland, the Embassy is unable to provide information as to the exact duration of the procedure.


    The Embassy provides translation of official documents (only from English to Polish and vice versa).

    For fees go to:  Consular fees


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